Ann Syme

A little bit about me - Ann Syme


Cakes are my speciality, and I really enjoy making them - however I am not so keen on the decoration. It took me a long time and a lot of heart ache to realise that it doesn't interest me. Selfish I know, but I am not interested in eating beautiful artistic icing - I only want to eat the cake and the tasty filling. I am creative but not artistic. Dietary restrictions makes it difficult to make the full range of colours and textures, and try as I may, I was not happy with the risk to health by adding unguaranteed gluten and wheat free items to the decoration. My solution. Dont do it! I now stick to simple and tasty. I know they are safe and I can make the cakes knowing that I am not putting any one at risk.


My cake passion comes from a need to eat fresh cake - all cakes - even bread pudding - so I have worked on my own recipes to make tastes to suit me - as they are my recipes I can fine tune the taste to suit you, cakes are for 'sharing'


I have enjoyed studying Nutrition.

Ingredient combinations and dietary needs are fascinating.

I dont think you can ever know everthing about this subject.

Every day is a learning adventure.


My journey to self employed has enabled me to identify many of my other skills.


I create lavender bags and wheat heat bags.

I make these to order.

A skill I discovered by chance.

I pride my self on the double stitching and linings, which I like to add for extra safety.

I only use 100% cotton fabrics.

I really enjoy the colour blending of fabrics and texture.


I have been an Avon representative since 1993.

I love the products and the quality of Avon.


My training to be self employed led me to attend several training courses with Business Link.

Through this connection, I have spent several years working as a business start-up Mentor.

I was part of a team 'The Mentor Partnership'


I am currently working with, an online shop for British made arts and crafts

I have several of my items on this great new craft site.


My latest adventure is working with the Welfare to Work scheme where I am working one to one with the long term unemployed helping them with their self development and hopefully into work