As a family-owned and operated business, Ann is committed to giving back to her community. That's why Ann Syme is helping local organisations by participating in fund raising events. She also supports health groups and meetings, offers dietary advice, holds tastings and other events.


Forthcoming events:

Dover Castle

I am proud to say that I was providing cakes to Dover Castle - it was a fantastic experience and an honour 


Check our website regularly to find out more about Ann Syme's new product announcements and menu suggestions.


Latest news:

Ann is working on an Egg Free Cake recipe

Ann Syme goes online with new website

The website features picture galleries, information on the type of baking, philosophy and dietary understainding, as well as contact information and directions.


Halogen Oven


My latest purchase is the FlavorWave Turbo Platinum Oven

I will let you know how I get on with new recipes for it, as there does not seem to be a large selection of cake type recipes for this type of oven

HVS - Hawkinge Vehicle Services - Local garage offers dietary challenge:


Wheat free, dairy free, sugar free and MSG free - thanks guys!


Hawkinge Vehicle Services