Dairy and Lactose free

I have enjoyed adjusting and creating my recipes to be dairy free and lactose free.


Please be sure to confirm all dietary requirements when ordering cakes


  • dairy free
  • lactose free
  • milk free



All cakes are baked fresh so any dietary requirement can be considered


I am always working on, and adding new ideas and recipes, just let me know what you need

Picture gallery: Dairy and Lactose Free

Want a sneak peak? All these fresh cakes pictured are:-


Dairy and Lactose free


Gluten Free and Wheat Free and now Dairy and Lactose Free on request!


Browse the gallery below to see what Dairy and Lactose free cakes can be created just for you.

coconut sides & dairy free choc buttons
a gift for John and Jules
gluten free wheat free dairy free with fresh strawberries
dairy free coffee & walnut
dairy free coffee & walnut
gluten free wheat free dairy free
dairy free with coconut